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Models by Hakya11

Dear fucking lord this animation took a while. Well. The animation actually took about like 3 days. But I ran into so many blender issues and general self retardation issues it came out to like 2 or 3 weeks and the render farm gobbled up like $10 on a shitty render. Eevee for life from now on.

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that is a great cum texture....fluid texture? there's some fancy ass name for it i'm sure but i'm not an animator. only problem is that at the end you have given me the distinct impression that she is gonna have to scrub her eye with a toothbrush with how she just tanked that shot to the face. other than that this is great if not a little short. but then again with how you said it was treating you in the description i don't fuckin blame you.

damn she gonna hav to shave her fur now

Nicely done but closing her eye would have improved it a lot.

JDZ5 responds:

1000% agree but I've run into what feels like an endless amount of issues with this project so I'm just calling it quits on this one. Thanks for the feedback though!