Shoot Trent Lott

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I updated the full version...fixing some minor graffical errors and added some difficulty...sorry if the game is a little late!

For those who don't know WHO Trent Lott is...He is a Republican Senator from MISSISSIPPI who accidently revealed that he supported Strom Thurmund (a racial segregationist)...He claimed that "If we had elected him, We wouldn't have the problems we have today" at Stroms Thurmond's 100th birthday party back in December 2002.

Here are some cartoons about him...


Needs a tad more

The basics behind the game are timeless but you should've had some sort of noise when the gun shoots. Also, could have had some blood because it seems like everytime I kill someone they all die the same way. The scoring system is a little lopsided too due to the fact that if you hit one Colon Powell it is worthing 2.5 Trent Lotts. The visuals however were pretty well done. They were repeated too often but the graphics were very clean and sharp. Nice job on that but work on sound and scoring.

Chen-Baiwan responds:

Thanx for the review...My next game will have MUCH more.... I might add some randomizeation to deaths when I get the patience to do so (lol...I do know how to...)...I'm not adding more to this game though...After all...It's my first game EVER...My NEXT game WILL have some new sounds...better graffix and a music selector...

As for the scoring...
Trent Lott= +10p
Strom Thurmond= +20p +2seconds
Colin Powell= -50 (not 25 or 2.5x like you said)
Tom Fulp= I don't remember...-20p and 10Sseconds, I think...

But thanx...be sure to play my next game!

pretty good

pretty good game but the music got a little bit annoying, anyways i have to agree on getaclue's opinion on the whole issue but its just a damn game huh. i guess the whole assasin thing is getting a lil generic, maybe if you had a cool plot line or something you'd be a feature. oh one more question...why do you feel the need to dis 12 and 13 year olds when your like 15. just wondering, and quit being a hypocrite

Chen-Baiwan responds:

Thanx for the review...i don't think I'm gonna add any more to THIS game...My next game will have a music selector...

How am I a hypocrite? Yes I may "only" by 2-3 years older then they are...
but then again...
Are you the same person now as you were 2-3 years ago (not literally)?
Neither am I the same person now as I was when I was 12 or 13...


I love this game and you should make the one in which you can kill the stupid whore named Patty Murray and you know why!

Not bad...

Look i didnt make a flash movie but i think i can say that you DO have some talent!Maybe a game were you kill a more popular person.
I never heard about Trent Lott.
But oh well ..good game keep up!!!

That was cool.

Shooting stupid old white people is funny. You should do one where we shoot Jesse Jackson. Jesse is one of the dumbest people ever. I bust a gut every time I hear a speech or see his mullet. And mtman900: ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE RACIST CONSERVITIVE CAPITALISTS AND THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS.. wait, you're a Beatles fan.. no wonder; you grew up on mindless sugarcoated garbage. (The MegaMan music got kinda annoying though)

Chen-Baiwan responds:

Ay...I'm thinkin' of adding a small music selector at the bottom of the screen...

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Jan 16, 2003
12:24 AM EST
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