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Runesuck HD Special

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Siblings Episode 1: Runesuck

After watching his favorite show, Rob is bored. Johny is playing Runescape. Rob, in an effort to occupy his mind, proceeds to watch Johny play and makes fun of everything he does on the game.

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Here we are with one of the most popular episodes of Siblings, besides Half Beard and tWHYlight. Also the first true episode itself, following Day of the Devil. With the distorted yell at the beginning and everything! There wasn't much content to put in, but I rambled enough in the scrapbook to make up for it. I also got John to pop in and do some masked commentary! A little Covid scare made us take extra precaution, but it was still fun bullshitting with my brother again. But I figured since people keep asking, I might as well. There will be one more video after this discussing something I hid in the menu of this one, but I messed up the editing file so it has to be separate.

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Wow, I wasn't expecting it to be like this. I knew the quality meant it was old. I probably have seen the original. It just didn't seem like this had that much purpose. It's still good. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing that belongs here. From the title, I thought it was a game.

I mean, we have been celebrating Pixel Day. I've never heard of a Runescape Pixel Day. It was still interesting to look at the process. I should've known the cartoon wouldn't be that long. Most of it could have just been an audio clip.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, yeah. Most of it is just me making the full contents of the flash available to people since flash isn't widely available anymore. Had a lot of hidden material in there. But people can watch as much as they want, same as before with the original in question. No one made them check out the extra content in the original, same as it is now. I appreciate you checking it out regardless!

Also, I was unaware of it being Pixel Day. I don't really do anything for the themed days Newgrounds has. It's hard enough to do holiday-themed animations, let alone keep track of whatever celebrated days this site has.