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When You Can't Decide The Age Rating For Your Newgrounds Submission

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When you are going to release a submission to Newgrounds, but you don't know what age rating to chose for it, think of it has two or more Newgrounds age ratings fighting over your submission; it is kind of like that, and I wanted to show you guys that. I know that this animation is not very good, but I still wanted to show it to you all. I don't care how this goes this time. I hope you like this animation.

Stay happy, stay home, and stay hale

Music by me, and I also made some of the sound effects.

Also, I wanted to feature the title and not the real deal of a deleted movie submission which was rated A at first, switched to M, switched back to A, and then it got removed, and no I have never seen that video, so credits to that author. Thanks.

And sorry about the abrupt music ending, I couldn't find a way to do a fade in and out since my previous video editor's trial expired.

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Lol this is awesome!

Vista-Sound13 responds:

I am glad you liked it, my friend, thank you! :)

If a little kid go to newground to play a game
Kid: Why they are T M and A? My age is not enough!

Vista-Sound13 responds:

That is very relatable to every pre-teenager, and it would be terrible if you were below 13, and every game is at least a T-rating. What could we do about that?

Thanks for reviewing, my friend, I am glad you liked this animation! :)