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I Don't Like RPGs So I Made One

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Author Comments

Woah! You are an authentic generic RPG hero who has to save his town from Thedev, a dark (and maybe a little too lazy) entity. Find your way as you encounter all the classic tropes and stereotypes of the RPG genre: swords, enemies, shops, funny textboxes, going inside random people's houses. Yep. It's all there.


Arrow keys: move

Z: Interact with menus/NPCs

X: Attack with sword

Shift: Open Inventory

As the title says, I've never actually liked this kind of games, since I've always been a jumpy boingy platformer guy, but I really wanted to experiment with a project of this kind, especially on the art side, it gave me a big opportunity to practice chiptunes and pixel art. I could've definitely improved a lot of mechanics and the worldbuilding, but overall I'm satisfied of how this came out!

  • Game powered by Godot Engine 3.2.3
  • Graphics - Paint.NET/Pixelorama
  • Music and SFX - LMMS/sfxr plugin
  • Title Font: "Perry Gothic"
  • Font - “Monaco”

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The controls are wonky, to say, loved the degrading humor towards the player calling him generic, as well as the text for most of the npcs breaking the fourth wall, and the timing for when to hit with the sword didn't match up with the enemy's attack (in my opinion), and i kind of liked the old Zelda movement and fighting style from both nes and snes (was hoping to see turn-based oh well).

i think my only complaint is that there isn't a checkpoint or save feature. it was pretty cute other than that.

Pretty cute, the chiptunes and art are charming and it's rather ok for someone who dislikes the genre and didn't put in a lot of time and effort. The idea of the dev as an opponent is also pretty good.

Still, the whole "This game breaks the fourth wall and self depreciates" is just one bit, no matter how much or well you milk it. None of the NPCs had other jokes, and they didn't even have more than two or so boxes of dialogue, which is your best resource for quickly and easily making a game more interesting- you could have made something out of the botanist or the rock collector, I think.

The slimes aren't much of a challenge, I frankly just dodged them all because they seemed cute and it wasn't a hard task to not hurt them. I feel like you could really have benefitted from a wee bit more enemy diversity, such as a fragile speedy slime or a distant shooting slime, plus maybe an enemy gauntlet.

My only real complaint was the lack of any difficulty, honestly. (If you're unfamiliar I promise RPGs tend to be more engaging. Give them a try.)

The controls are kind of wonky, and sometimes when I swing my sword I randomly get put back into the forward facing position, and sometimes my sword just swings in a totally random direction. Also the lack of a save feature where I don't have to do everything again really made me not want to continue.

It seems like a cute little idea, and with some tweaks to the controls this could be a nice little game. Good job! :)

i don't like how you have to start from the beginning everytime you die, but otherwise that its a fun lil romp

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2021
4:58 PM EST