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BlackChain Demo

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Author Comments

The year is 2088, our solar system is being exploited by corporations and ravaged by war.

Check out the full version on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1500970/BlackChain/

Check out my ARPG: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1210800/Rum__Gun/

Warning to Opera users: if mouse gestures are turned on, right-clicking can accidentally exit the page. I recommend turning mouse gestures off in your browser settings.

Warning: Make sure hardware acceleration is enabled for your browser!


SPACE to move camera. Mouse scrolling only works in full-screen mode!

Left-click to select units, right-click to make them move. Drag mouse to select multiple units.

'A' for attack-move, 'S' to stop

Double-click on unit to select similar units

'R' to select repair drone hubs

Shift+number to make control group (also works with Ctrl, but not recommended for browsers)

'Esc' or 'P' to pause game

Transform your Rovers into structures, mine minervite crystals

Build Blackchain Cores to mine cryptocurrency

Train infantry from Barracks, vehicles from Factory

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How much inspiration did you take from starcraft?

Borington responds:

Short answer: yes. Though there are some elements from Outlive, a Brazilian SC clone from 2001 XD And the minerals are green ,so it's totally a Tiberium ripoff.

I can't get this game to work at all for some reason, is it not compatible with Firefox? hardware acceleration is on and theres no software rendering list that I can find in the Firefox settings. and my GPU is up to date as well, since I can't properly play I'll submit 0 stars for now, hopefully I can give this game a try

EDIT: So now that I got a response, coming back to this game revealed that it kinda worked, at least the loading screen did, but once it got nearly full it stopped and wouldn't load, letting it load for about 10 or 20 minuets didn't help so I'm going to say it won't. the previous attempt at fixing my access to this didn't change anything however. and as a result I am still yet to be able to attempt playing this game. though hopefully time lets me get past the loading screen as it allowed me to see the screen at all

Borington responds:

Well, that explains the low ratings. Thanks for the feedback. Supposing you're on Windows, what you could do is:
- navigate to "about:config" in your browser
- set "layers.acceleration.force-enabled" to true
- set "gfx.webrender.all" to true
- set "webgl.force-enabled" to true
- restart your browser or your pc altogether, not sure about that step since I can't test it

Wow! Dude, did you did it alone? Looks amazing, not a joke.

Borington responds:

Thank you ^^ Though I have no idea why ratings are so low, there could be a technical problem that I don't know about...