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The year is 2088, our solar system is being exploited by corporations and ravaged by war.

Check out the full version on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1500970/BlackChain/

Check out my ARPG: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1210800/Rum__Gun/

Warning to Opera users: if mouse gestures are turned on, right-clicking can accidentally exit the page. I recommend turning mouse gestures off in your browser settings.

Warning: Make sure hardware acceleration is enabled for your browser!


SPACE to move camera. Mouse scrolling only works in full-screen mode!

Left-click to select units, right-click to make them move. Drag mouse to select multiple units.

'A' for attack-move, 'S' to stop

Double-click on unit to select similar units

'R' to select repair drone hubs

Shift+number to make control group (also works with Ctrl, but not recommended for browsers)

'Esc' or 'P' to pause game

Transform your Rovers into structures, mine minervite crystals

Build Blackchain Cores to mine cryptocurrency

Train infantry from Barracks, vehicles from Factory

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New and Updated review time, Keep in mind I didn't play through the whole thing as I don't typically play a game like this, I tried it, rated it low, and wanted to at least give this game a shot since it would finally play finally got the game running, and played the first two missions and its definitely a pretty fun game here and I'd recommend it for a game you would play during a school day when your supposed to be doing a school project that's due tomorrow. but there was something that bothered me the whole time, the graphical state of the game

with graphics like this you would expect it to be made in flash in the early 2000's but this game was released like this 2021 and the full game looks no different on a graphical level, and that in itself is fine, graphics don't make a game good, factorio is a good example of this, and it means less processing needed to render the game. of course most more "modern" games are held to a degree higher graphically than this is so I did feel it necessary to point this out as this can deter players who aren't used to older styles of a game but it didn't personally bother me.

what did was the inability to skip dialogue and simply read it though, when there is dialogue I typically skip through the vocal part and read it, but here you either have to listen to the slow talk and the extra 5 seconds of pause just to make sure you read AND heard the voice over before beginning the next bit of dialogue.

audio also easily loops over itself in game when things are being built, objectives are being completed, and there would likely be more examples of this if I played further, it didn't happen often so I didn't think much of it though just thought I'd mention it.

Overall this is a pretty nice demo and I'd recommend it but I wouldn't buy the full version in my opinion, its not my type of game though but its mostly well made so I left a good rating due to good gameplay.