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Work Never Stops

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I made this a couple of years ago. Thought I would share it now on PIXELDAY!!

Made in Aseprite.

Keep on workin'! <3

Video on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRQAJlOfZ_Y

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this should've been made for the stuck in a loop ludum dare

awesome stuff man! Am curious what software you are using? cheers

Trippple responds:

Thank you! For this video I used Aseprite for the animations, Ableton for the music and Davinci Resolve for the video editing.

Idk which step I hate more, 7 or 8...
I feel like I don't need 1-3 if I have 5, but that's probably just something my laziness made up.

when work stops

Cool. This is now going to be in my head on repeat while I'm working.