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Arrow keys - move

Z - shoot

1,2,3,4,5 - weapon switch

Sorry if the game is glitchy I was in a rush to finish the game. There will be updates to fix the game, so it wont be glitchy for long.

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Amazing game, really enjoyed while I played, especially what I like is creativity of author. Praises for the game and author.

Rewards for exploring out of the main path, a varied enemy roster that each require different strategies to deal with (well, in theory, I'll get to that in a minute), idle animations, useful particle effects to tell you when hits connect, distinct sounds for each entity and action... my, my, you did everything by the book. Sadly, well, just in theory.

You see, the gameplay loop is too repetitive: you run to gain a little distancce, turn around, shoot the monster that's chasing you, run again to gain some more distance. That applies to all enemies. This is because the enemy design and placement could use some work: without all the gimmicks, all the enemies act the same way: they chase you at a constant speed. If there was more variety there could be more interesting combinations of monsters to break the monotony; for instance, some enemies could get close to the player and wander in circles while shooting projectiles, or they could walk faster than the player on a straight line but have a slower turning speed to force the player to maneouver out of the way or even just be slow and big and protect that way the projectile-based enemies... And all of these different enemies could be combined in different ways to create interesting challenges out of the same building blocks. Just don't make everything the same with a different coat of paint.

Something else I've noticed is that dying and respawning takes away neither your weapons nor ammo. And speaking of weapons, they feel kind of unfinished, I suppose because you rushed the development: Weapon 1 and weapon 2 are simply too similar, while weapon 4, the ricochet shot, deals very little damage and you get it around half a minute before you obtain the best weapon in the game so it might as well not be there. When you have so few weapons they all must act and feel distinct enough: intsead of having five variations of a straight shot you could have spread shots, area-dammaging shots, chasing shots, piercing shots, a continuous laser and much, much more.

Now the boss... Having such a big enemy chase you in that closet of an arena AND the fear of having to run half a marathon every time you failed was exactly the suffocating anxiety I was looking for. Kudos for that one. All in all, you seem to know the basics. All you have left to do is to practice and get better with each new game. Best of luck!


The graphics in-game are good, the artwork on the title screen is not as good as the graphics in game (not that the artwork on the title screen is bad), the level design is there, but the enemies are fast, leaving you barely enough time to turn around and shoot them.

Amazing game, really enjoyed it, can't wait for future updates :)