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OpSec Sex - Call of Duty

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Mara’s in charge of Operational Security tonight. Although she’s the one who brought surveillance cameras, you’re the one packing heavy equipment in your cargo pants. Time to deploy everything. It may not be necessarily practical, but it will put minds at ease.

- Secretary Karissa

Watch it here: https://vrporn.com/call-of-duty-opsec-sex/?a=92802

Animation by the Dark Dreams team, including Laarel on sound. Check out our other public releases on Vrporn.com ( https://vrporn.com/studio/darkdreams/ ). And please support us on Patreon ( https://www.patreon.com/DarkDreamsVR )! You'll get access to exclusives, remasters, studio animations, polls, and a discord channel.

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This one is the absolute best overall quality I've ever seen from you! She looks just so real. The way her ass moves, but more importantly the actual depth of her crack. The way it splits and separates as she's getting fucked... WOW. The atmosphere comes off realistic as a video game looking environment can come off. It looks like the type of game that has a hot chick and you wish there was a cutscene like this. The voice work was decent, the tattoos are nicely done and her facial expressions were also decent enough. This feels funny to say, but although I'm giving it 5 stars it could have been fine tuned, but it's still one of those rare times I feel a submission truly earned a 5 star rating.

The angle changes of her ass were incredible. The ending angle nearly killed me! I loved it.

Love it when they throw it back in desperation

Never thought we'd see call of duty porn on this website. Skrewitcartoons predicted this.

Call of Duty porn we reached some low...