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BoxCarBoy's Madness Combat

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I have Wanted to make a Madness Combat Video for a while and I decided to do it in my own style. Its short, but it is my first one :-)

Music Made by me


EDIT: Thank you so much for the tips and criticism it helps a lot for the next one

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wow this is really good can't wait for ep 2 :D

I can see that your bringin some new stuff to the table. The only complaint I have about the vid is the animation and shiz. (criticism coming in)

Ive noticed that there really is no transition. Its important to have a fade out and fade in when your character enters or exits a room. The animation is weak at times. Characters moving too slowly or moving rather weirdly. But since this is your first one. Ill cut alotta slack. I like your style alot. Id love to see more longer animations when you improve! Keep it up man. You'll get there!

AppleJellis responds:

Thanks so much, I will do my best to focus on the transitions more and i'm sure ill get the animation down eventually. :-)

this is pretty, ngl

It's simple yet good. It doesn't have any fancy movement but that's totally ok!
It really feels like your average Madness Combat cartoon and I would like to see something like this but longer.

AppleJellis responds:

Thanks, i'm working on improving the length of my cartoons and I will definitely keep that in mind for the next one