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Music Makes it all

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Made this in 10 hours...
It's a little lesson about music in animations, and I added some funny stuff at the end...so ...have fun

*Update 16th January 2003 : Made some of the musics louder, and fixed a graphical bug


You got alot of good points but the ideas of music with the animation is the idea too your examples were scattered. But the letter animation was funny though. This could have been a bit better. But that just me. So i'm sure you've gotten better with this, since this was 12 years, 9 months and 17 days ago... keep it up!

hello XD

I really liked the movie; very funny, especially the escene with the letters fighting! ^-^

Skeptical-Mind responds:

heh Most people prefer the conclusion... glad you liked it :)



Skeptical-Mind responds:

Shut Up. Kid.

((( HEH FUNNY )))

Yeah i try and tell many silent film artists to put sound and all, cause sound does bring out the movie, and in some cases it is the movie, good point you show, great job...

not bad...

nice to see a different concept out there. but probably like most, i enjoyed the letter battles more than the actually flash movie you intended. you know you shouldve put some music during those parts. it would have been better...if you catch my pun.

ill keep an eye out for the letter P though. i could see him going a long way. poor "p"

:P ;P 8P %P BP

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Jan 15, 2003
7:32 PM EST
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