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In The Air Is Christopher Gray

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Christopher Gray has been in love with Stacey for quite some time, and no amount of lemonade can cool his desire. Meanwhile, Barry Flint has just bought his son a five-foot python from the pet store.

I started this film on a trip to New York in 2011 and finished it in the months afterwards in 2013. I hope you enjoy the stick figures who now talk!


Written, Directed & Animated by Felix Massie

Narrated by Andy London

Starring Peter Ahern, Justin Cassano, Carolyn London, Ian Miller and Erica Perez.

Soundtrack by Joe Paine

Sound Design and Mix by Marty O’Brien at Fonic

© Felix Massie 2013

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what, it ends just ike that? it cant end like that!

The animation style is smooth and contemporary, voice acting very well done too! Unfortunately seems to be lacking inspiration... the central message didn't come across to me as something worth thinking about. Narrator's diction was blasé.
Still pretty nice though, I'm looking forward to seeing more!

This feels very short filmy, you should submit it to any you can find. It's a nice piece =) great job.

Stacy’s boyfriend falling from the tree was top-tier writing.

FelixMassie responds:

Haha, I like that bit! Worth all the sleepless nights struggling to get his line just right ;)

I love your style, you have a knack for stories and good narration. However, unlike other pieces of yours, sometimes here the audio of the voices wasn't always crispy clean... But well, mostly I felt it was a huge bummer. Dark as hell. I always enjoy your movies, but this one hit me differently, I don't know why.

I was checking your answers to the reviews and you shouldn't worry about the trees. I think it's pretty clear and it stays long enough on screen for the audience to notice the heart... And the breaking of the heart.

Are you going to delight us soon with some more stuff that you haven't uploaded yet?

FelixMassie responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful review! I know what you mean about the sound - unfortunately I didn't get to record this one very professionally (I actually recorded it inside a friend's walk-in wardrobe in their appartment to try and get better accoustics but obviously didn't succeed very well haha

Hope you still enjoyed it a little bit still, and I'm going to definitely make sure I have good sound on the next animations I do - especially if it's going to take me as long as this one took! Worth getting it right.

Thanks again and hopefully it won't be too long until you see something else from me :)