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I'm a few weeks late for this to be a new year look back kind of video, but I wanted to condense some thoughts. No big insights and honesty I'm a little worried that this will come across as a little navel gaze-y, but maybe some people will appreciate it.

Thanks for the FP ^.^

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I loved this!! made me reflect on last year as well

Something about this really resonates with me.
Good job.
I feel it.

Very nice

I don't think you ever expected to hit the front page with this (specially with the paul blart tag) so congratulations!

It definitely hits as more of a personal piece with your insights, just as you claimed it to be. Maybe it never truly intended to present the thoughts in an audience-accessible way because a lot of it feels a bit jumbled or not too meaningful without context. The start where there's a conflict over acknowledging the new year would look a bit strange to someone looking back at this without being aware it refers to 2020 restrictions until the masks come on.

The presentation and pacing were nice with the character and the text never fighting with each other for attention, and it ended on a hopeful note. The character designs are also cute. Good job with it overall.

IDontKnowCorp responds:

Thanks for the in depth review. I don’t know what I was expecting for this audience wise. It was definitely a piece I made for myself first so the Front Page did catch me off guard... Also I’d completely forgotten about the Paul Blart tag until you pointed it out >.<

its pretty cute! its always nice to have perspective like this. thanks for immortalizing it!