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Weinende Rose (18+) Alpha 0.1.85

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Attention, at the moment the game is just a set of mechanics for testing, debugging and development. Development and debugging of them will last until version 0.2.0. That is, bad combat, bad movement, bad AI and many other unpleasant things will be fixed over time. So far, we just let you play what is currently available, but every time after the update, it will change or improve or correct. This is not the final version of the gameplay.

The game can produce different performance on different browsers or computers. If this happens, please download the game for Windows version on Itch or watch the walkthrough. The game will be better optimized for the HTML version in the future.

The gameplay in this version of the game is only for 5-10 minutes.

You can play thisĀ game with gamepad

Discord: Here you can write to us and talk about the game..

Trello: Our detailed plans and what we have done.

Patreon: Here you can support us.

We are developing the platform game aimed at collecting items, leveling up your character, farming and socializing. The main idea is that the player has a certain safe location with a lot of interactivity with characters and objects on it. (As in many similar games). In the same location, the player will go to perform tasks or search for items. Tasks will consist of a branching chain of small levels. Each level will have a certain task to go further. Defeat all enemies, press all buttons, survive, defeat the boss and so on.

Above is the main game and the goal that will definitely be implemented. Other possibilities are still in question. For example, several playable characters. Also, such a game requires some editors for easy logic programming, which are partly already developed and developed on the go. We are not focused on simple gameplay, so some kind of development is required. What is bad - we will remove or improve, and what is good-we will make it even better.

The walkthrough:

(All characters in this game enter into sexual relations by mutual consent and each turned 10,000 years old)

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It's pretty good so far. Gameplay, at least on gamepad feels pretty fluid. Was a little disappointed that there are only two sex scenes so far but I figure more will be added in the future.

Nice! But kinda strange game heh

so far its really good love the look of the game, the only thing is that the tutorials are confusing and a little wordy. besides that really looking forward to more of this game

I've run into bug where, when moving to a new screen, the character keeps moving to the right even when I'm not holding down the button. Pressing left does not stop their momentum either. Attacking or getting damaged stops them, but it's inconsistent when it does so

good game