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WaifusAdventure_0.3a (Adventure Time Hentai Parody)

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【 Notice 】

Waifus Adventure is a fan-based parody.

Based on Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward.

Nemu the Tentacle Monster is not associated with these legal entities in any way.

Please support the official release.

【 User Guide 】

This game currently supports PC play only.

If the web page does not work or too slow,

I Strongly recommend downloading the game to PC to play.

Download the game.

If you want to use the OP Weapon, 0117 is what you need.

【 Control 】

◆ Moving ◆ Arrow Keys

◆ Check ◆ Z (Keep pressing Z can faster the text running.)

◆ Cancel / Menu ◆ X

◆ Run / Walk ◆ Shift (Mode can be changed in the option.)

◆ Battle Speed Up ◆ Pressing Z

【 Update 】

◆ 2020/12/24 0.25a ◆

Add Fionna Events.

Add Sound Effect.

Add Brawl Adventure.(Only two enemy for now)

◆ 2021/1/17 0.25b ◆

Add Evil Forest Monster.

Add Banana Guard.

Add Some things. (It' s still not functioning.)

◆ 2021/2/27 0.3a ◆

Add Princess Bubblegum Event.

Add Some Field Monster.

Evil Forest Boss Bug Fixed.

【 Website 】

◆ Pixiv ◆ https://www.pixiv.net/users/8444762

◆ Twitter ◆ https://twitter.com/MadnessNsfw

◆ Newgrounds ◆ https://nemusothoth.newgrounds.com/

◆ Subscribestar ◆ https://subscribestar.adult/nsfwnemu

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where can i find the v0.4a?

amazing game

So far, I'm enjoying the game and can't wait to see what happens next. I know there's one last thing you can do with Princess Bubblegum in this version, but I'm not sure how to activate it, so if anyone knows how to activate the final NSFW thing in this version of the game, that would be greatly appreciated.

The "OP" gloves aren't working, is this a glitch? Except that, really good game!

how do you seduce the girls