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Anon Drives Drunk - /b/ - 4chan Greentext

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The following video is based on a Greentext story by an Anonymous 4chan user who most likely posted to the /b/ - Random board. Anon Drives Drunk is about a Canadian wojak who gets away with driving drunk by stabbing himself and getting a free ride from a policeman.



Screenshot Image:


Inspired by Animators: Dustin O'Daffer, Midnight Oil Club, Prince of Zimbabwe, Zeeeko, Oneyng, Psychicpebbles, Rice Pirate, Michael Cusack, Gonzossm, SpeedoSausage and Flasgitz

?️more trash content:


Original Greentext:

Share the most retarded thing you've ever done.

I'll go first.

Be me.

23 days ago.

Driving drunk as fuck, run a red light, run into a fucking cop car at 20 miles per hour.

cars are not too damaged.

drunk mind is scared as shit.

unable to think of a reason.

stab myself with pocket knife before the cop comes over.

hide knife in glove box.

say, "I had been stabbed officer."

cop gives me a ride to the nearest hospital

mfw crisis avoided

#4chan #greentext #wojak


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do more threads but /int/ because that shit is priceless mate

WesMakowski responds:

thanks /b/ro

What a lovely tribute to anon. I laughed out loud at the "FUCK!", the precision of that scream was perfect.

WesMakowski responds:

Anon garners the spirit of NewGrounds, except instead of "Everything by Everyone" its "Everyone here is fucking retarded." More of these shit post videos are coming my dude, thanks for the feedback <3

This is some big brain shit.

WesMakowski responds:

Nah bro, its pronounced "autistic" ;)

this is golden

WesMakowski responds:

next one will be platinum