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Idle Tower Builder

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1. batman2747 9,452
2. Marvette 2

Author Comments

You are in charge of building the world's highest tower. Gather or produce the necessary resources and fulfill your aim!

No extensive clicking is needed: the game has auto-clicker.

You build the tower by mining resources in the quarry and processing it to create bricks. Every next floor of the tower needs much more bricks, so, upgrade your production facilities wisely.

To deliver the bricks to the higher floors of the tower, you'll need a crane. You can build the crane from planks, which you can create from wood at the lumbermill.

Forest is the depletable source of wood: while building the tower don't forget about ecology! Supply the forest with water (either from the water well or by creating a thundercloud and casting a rain) to regain wood faster.

Workers with wheelbarrows will bring resources from one location to another. They can be sped up by a drummer, who generates the rhythm. Later the Elephant will help you bring the stone to the saw.

The elephant (unlike the workers) needs food to work. Food is produced on the grass field and stacked into the haystack.

To gain money for the upgrades you'll need to sell some of the resources. Additional source of money is the tourists. They fly on the zeppelin and attend you tower (but only after you reached floor 5)

The caravanserai increases the price of the resources on the market, and the camel automatically takes stone, bricks, wood, planks, hay or water from your storages.

As the tower is growing, the more and more advanced technologies become available. For example, you can build the Clock, which speeds up the time. Or a helicopter, which dramatically increased stone production.

As soon as you reach the space, science facilities are unlocked. Science is generated by dropping apples from the tower and looking how they fall, or by spectating the stars and comets from the telescope. You can spend science points to equip the lab in the tower basement and purchase permanent upgrades, which boost your production more and more.

By restarting the tower building you earn Golden Bricks - prestige currency. It boost your tap power, facilities production and market prices. After several restarts you'll have enough resources to build the highest tower of all times!

The game was made by Airapport: award winning indie game development team.

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I just reached the max designed level and I have some comments.

Tainted trixter is correct that there could be more stuff between space and the end, it is basically empty.

Also, wood is better than gunpowder, leave that stuff alone.

The stone transport capabilities of your elephant are the only real bottleneck that is left. I recommend adding some kinda crane thing on the side of the building, like a butchery with rails in the roof to slide large quantities of rock to the cutter.

Golden bricks are almost always worth it, when you consider how much of your building is going to be already built. At some point, you can reliably build back to where you were every reset within minutes. That is with or without the science boost to just have completel levels.

In space, I recommend additional stone-harvesting from asteroids. That is, not stone being put on the quarry pile, but a platform in space to resume the stone making cycle there, with the ground stone being used to dig deeper instead.

An addition to resets could be a transcension-like mechanic allowing for world-transitioning portals to be built in geostationary orbit. There, exotic new ressources could be used to continue building values.

Overall not even close to as fun as the cogwheel games, but it could get there with some more depth.

Ok.. so I have been playing this for several days now, and I think I have played it enough to write a review. This starts off as a pretty nice idle game, there are new things at each level and bonuses and restarting with golden bricks seems to genuinely help.. for a while.

After playing a number of levels the benefits start disappearing... Tourism is entirely useless as it costs more to upgrade than you ever get out of it, and you can't speed it up... so I have never seen a positive return from it and I am not sure why I buy it every time other than perhaps that it looks cool.

At first the helicopter seems extraordinarily useful.. so much rock... that you can't process.. And the game becomes a slog with the mocking good amounts of rock making you think you can keep getting to higher levels.. after days of work.. constantly running your mammoth or making hay... and then nothing.. no new bonuses... yes you supposedly get science when you get to space.. I am working very very slowly on the 4th level above the heli... Golden bricks add so little anymore that it isn't even worth restarting... If I don't get science upon completing this level I am just going to forget about this game. Unfortunately I suspect science will only add a temporary boost because I bet the artifacts are single purchases... It has already stopped being fun and is nothing more than a slog.

In short.. the game lacks balance. It lacks the feeling of constant reward that keeps people playing idle games.For all I know there could be spectacular things to come, but I don't want to grind level after level with no reward to get there... I know at this point it will probably take me another day or two to finish the level I am trying to build... I have played a lot of idle games, and restarting once per day tends to be a pretty good grove. If you have to grind for more than a day to make progress the game is unbalanced.

Edit: Tower level 13.. No clock, no science, no upgrades. This game is trash. Interestingly I looked up the game. It is not version 1.1.1 it is at least on version 1.1.9. This makes me wonder, why would a game maker publish an old version? Also, tower level and golden bricks don't seem to be pushing to the leader board.

I am going to call this game a bust, I would not recommend it to anyone unless and until the games mechanics are fixed and re-balanced unless you desperately love a long pointless slog. Also rescinding my previous rating and reducing my rating to two stars.

Fun idle game. I like the production chain aspect - kind of reminds me of Anno strangely enough. High scores don't seem to be working though, unless I'm missing something. Do you have to restart your tower?

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you! Indeed, looks like the stats are not sending - I'm looking into it now and will update the game
UPD: fixed that, thanks again for info