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Matchmakers Inc. Episode 7 - Space Lewdity

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You might have to click the screen while the game is loading to make the screen focus. Do not click outside the game window once the game starts or the keys will not function anymore. If you do you'll have to refresh the page.

This is an inferior version of the game, it is unstable and might not work properly, especially on chrome. I highly recommend that you download it for the best experience. It will have better resolution and performance! You can download it for free here:


Episode 7, my first OC episode, Miss Grace Highfeathers!

And we have the great MissMoonified playing this crazy bird lady stuck in space. She did some great acting!

Hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out the next voting! As always let me know if you spot bugs, typos, or simply want to tell me what you think about the game, take care!

Nothing is pay walled but if you wish to support me, you'll get early access to these animations, W.I.P, tutorials, a skip game mode, HD downloads and the ability to vote on the next big character Animation like this one!



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fuck bro why is she so hot

It has come to my attention that, out of all of the Matchmaker Inc games, this one has the character with the worst pussy. Let me explain. All of the characters in the other Matchmakers Inc games are either virgins or much smaller than our hero. Rouge is much smaller than our protagonist, and therefore tighter. The ponies are probably smaller, and most of them were virgins. Froppy was a teen student, the bunny, is, again, smaller, Poison was a virgin until that point, and Guilmon was completely inexperienced with sex. However, Highfeathers is a MILF, and therefore, is very unlikely to be a virgin, and is the same size as the protagonist. And I rest my case. And yes, I do know what I'm commenting on.

"Mr. Biggus" is his first name by any chance, Dickus? or is his Surname Dickus and goes by his first name?

A horny man's undertale

good game but he controls for the game part doesn't work