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Starfreaks: Knights of Fuzonia

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STARFREAKS #30: Knights of Fuzonia

Sword & Planet

The war has taken a terrible turn. Entire solar systems have been destroyed by the Starfreak armada and hope is slipping away. You need to gather allies to repel the Starfreak attacks. And who would make better allies than the Knights of Fuzonia?

Cover art by OmenaKettu

Download the complete Starfreaks series here

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So this was notbad of a game I like the idea of it and some of it was pretty funny I may say that the covid joke might not make sense years down the road but all in all this was a pretty good game here.



gonna give you 5 stars for the covid joke alone but my gosh is this funny as hell and i love how likeable the main character is

I have to say. You would have done great making Commodore 64 text games in the 1980's
Caught my attention and clicked to the end. Nice.

No feast I've been to that involved pizza has stayed somber for very long... ^_^

I have to say, the writing is delightful, yet simplicity can go too far. Something like, I don't know, anything other than reading and clicking would help. Maybe a picture or two. A sound effect