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A Relaxing Typing Game

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Author Comments


Mostly point and click controls (and typing), but there's a few key combinations for specific things:

  • Ctrl + P - Pause
  • Tab - show/hide stats (in game
  • Ctrl + F - Full screen (desktop only)
  • Ctrl + S - Skip current music track


"A Relaxing Typing Game" is a chill typing game for people who like typing for the sake of typing.

Drawing from public domain stories and poetry such as Edgar Allan Poe, Edward Lear and William Shakespeare, this game allows you to type out classic literature and keep track of your WPM, accuracy and mistakes.


  • Backgrounds - Ansimuz
  • Graphics - kenney
  • One pixel font - Gooseninja
  • Music - DOS-88
  • APPX Script - Tommy van Son

Some of the backgrounds are licenced under CC 3.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Links to resources used

Pixel art backgrounds:

UI Graphics (and bonus sounds):

One Pixel Font:


Public domain literature sources:

Tommy for all your APPX programming needs:

The paper background I used on this page:

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Well I had some fun with this game the art style was decent too you could really advance on a system like this no real changes are needed here it was a fun game, A decent flash entry here i thought there was some good things going on here and some suprises but thats what made it all the more fun, But anyways good submission and i do look forward for more of what you have to offer, I got some Satisfaction from this entry aswell, Its Evident that this was a fantastic entry, you had the right Criteria and it has worked out well.

no real changes are needed here it was a fun game


EAtkin responds:

Thanks for your kind review 😀

Cute idea, I apparently bumped into a typo during the Alice in Wonderland one however?
It showed up as "theyll" before reaching the word and changed to "they ll" after typing the first t..
Stuck on t-h-e-y and now no character will progress the word further to type the l-l. :(
All the other levels I tried worked fine though.

EAtkin responds:

Ah sorry about that, I had some weird formatting issues with the texts I downloaded - did my best to fix them but somehow missed that. I have to admit I didn't type out the entire of Alice, it really is very long and I didn't expect anyone else to!
Seems some of the apostrophes are written as ’ instead of ', I'll put a fix out today!

Updated: I've fixed Alice so it should be fully typeable now, but I've also added in a failsafe so if I've missed anything and something outside the standard keyboard range crops up, it gets auto-typed so shouldn't leave you stuck!

I did a Dream within a Dream, and got 98%. So I did a little dance to pat myself on the back. Thank you EAtkin, this is a delightful game.

EAtkin responds:


I want medals for this!

EAtkin responds:

Never actually considered anything like medals, I'll see if I can add it in!

(update: I think I've just about worked it out, so maybe soon + can hopefully add a scoreboard)

pretty chill