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What the HELL is Mario Party DS Anti-Piracy Screen? (You're OOFing with the Pirates)

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We've dealt with personalized copies, and we're now dealing with piracy ITSELF?! Something tells me that this year is gonna be creepy too, isn't it? Seriously, Nintendo needs to chill from all of this! God damn you, Lucas, and your stupid Mother 3!

►The Mystery of the SM64 Personalized Copies: https://cutt.ly/cjnWpFf

►Joey Perleoni's stupid channel: https://cutt.ly/JjnWumA

"What the HELL..." is a series where Saber (and Andriux) talks about a cartoon or movie and what the HELL it's about.

AndriuxDev is a YouTube channel that researches, reviews, and analyzes various movies and cartoon shows from the world of animation as well as making great music, remixes, and remasters.

---Video Credits---

►Intro Music/Outro Music by me

►Andriux expressions made by me

►Background music by Nintendo

►The script was written by me.

►Brainstorming by: Encyclopedia Britannica

►Inspiration was taken from Saberspark

Mario Party DS (C) Nintendo & Hudson, 2007-2021

Super Mario (C) Nintendo, 1985-2021

Nintendo (C) 1889-2021

All rights reserved to their respective owners.

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Pretty informative video, but sadly you cannot pass judgement, as this is not the content Newgrounds' Movie Portal is looking for, according to the guidelines which you can read here:


However, this might be the kind of content that Youtube users might like more, so I suggest sticking to Youtube for that kind of content. If you follow the guidelines, you're more than welcome to have your animations here and we'll be really glad to watch them and rate them! Don't get your hopes down, you can do it!

AndriuxDev responds:

Thanks for your help! Sadly, I'm kinda disappointed with that 1 star. I'm not an animator since a long time. Yet, I just hope to be able to shout-out some of my fans here on Newgrounds. YouTube is somewhat of a trouble, considering that the family friendly content that is there definitely is not quite healthy, as far as I know.
Thanks again for your help, I'll look forward to how will I share my videos.