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Birds at 5AM

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lol damn didnt know 5am birds listen to frank ocean who would of known

This shit just got real!!! XD

The way these worlds collide too. Real talk turned to bird chatter, but then you see the CD just falling by outside the window... love how you manage these things with such normally mundane scenarios and/or elements. All so relatable though it seems totally random each time. Thoroughly wholesome.

Do feel pretty sorry for that one bird, but looked like Frank Ocean survived at least...



First of all it was entertaining with the birds and all wish it was a tad longer, I appreciate the literally cool world you made here in this one you have good material, And I hope you have many more great endeavors like this one, Ok so with This and that said here on a few things Its a pretty decent one, This is a decent concept and you should keep up with that and you have cleverly used some nice effects and elements to make this a good submission.

Cant change anything here this is already at its top point in my opinion so really nice work on this movie here.


🤣hahaha, 😅LOL, 😂the insults we are unaware of, 🧐we are forced to listen, 🤭conscious of what they mean, 😃because they are expressed, 😋in the form of delightful little bird songs, 😗inwhich in reality, 🤬heavily insult each other, 🥱while you try to sleep🥴, 😆great job, 😆I really like it.

I've so been there. Most of the birds outside my window all sort of blend into each other to the point of becoming a relaxing white noise, but there's always one. Always one bird that I feel is going out of his way to stand out and be super, over-the-top annoying.

Hate that bird.