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Gappy 2

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Breaking The Chains 25 Points

Beat World 3, Chained Isles, without dying!

King of the Mountain 25 Points

Beat World 2, Mt. Lethal, without dying!

Retro Master 25 Points

Beat World 1, Coin fields, without dying!

Golden Gappy 50 Points

Beat the entire game without dying!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Follow me on Twitter plz ty :)

Also, if you feel generous throw a few bucks my way <3



WASD/Arrows : Menu Navigation

W/Up : Jump / Wall-Jump

Spacebar/X : Select/Start level

After beating The Coinkeeper, Gappy and Coinfriend chilled out in the land of cointopia while listening to tunes. But one day, an evil shadow of Gappy named Csar came out of nowhere and stole their beloved cassette! It is now up to Gappy and Coinfriend to climb to the heavens in order to chase after Csar and get back the cassette he stole from them! Try and Unlock all the chevios to unlock gnarly skins for Gappy! Be but warned, some are tough as nails to unlock!

Gappy 2 sought out to improve the original idea of Gappy while also adding its own spin to make it stand out from the first. I also took the feedback from the first game to heart, and did what I could to make the game 'control' a bit better and be more forgiving to last second inputs. The Gappy isn't out here trying to reinvent the wheel, just trying to make It spin as good as possible (Shitty analogy I know, but it's all I could think of without repeating myself from the first game)

Hope you all enjoy, and go check out all the other art and games for pixel day!


Check out the trailer as well, it's kinda cool ig


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Simple baby game made for babies, third world was especially baby-level difficulty, completely zero struggle, very easy.

I enjoyed the straightforward gameplay the game had to offer, it's nothing complex, yet still pretty challenging. The soundtrack isn't anything special but it isn't anything bad either. Green Kirby-MeatBoy is a fun game to kill some time on, 31.189/34.655 stars.

No reason to tell i just hate it.

I did it you sadistic motherfucker, I almost had a mental breakdown but I did it.. Thanks for making this, I loved finishing it the first time, then I got addicted and couldn't stop until I earned the golden medal.

I'm not even gonna try looking for another corrupted coin lol, the part with the small spiked gap after the 3 buzzsaws felt impossible to me. The farthest I got was on the lower wall right of the gap (on -8). I couldn't figure it out so I decided to back out before I got an aneurysm.

Good game. Looking forward to more stuff from you.

please say that you used beepbox.co for this

it's a good game but the chiptunes sound similar to beepbox and even the drums

LeviRamirez responds:

lol yeah I did, I'm not good at making music sorry :/

I like it

So this was pretty fun wish the screen was larger though and the medals are a nice touch This one kind of reminded me of a big party, It was full of life, full of different ideas and of-course was just a big bowl of fun, I was entertained with your work and the entertainment aspect of this, and plan to check-out more from you when I get the chance. you have a good Technique keep that up.

Dont feel the need for any improvments you made a fun game