Con-Quest! 0.12

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Check out the latest version here!

If you have trouble running the game you can find a public .exe version here.


You can support the games development here!


$10 + Patrons get a version with topless emotes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This version contains 3 new cosplayers with new questlines.


returning cosplayers:

Haley, Eva, Jolie, Felicia, Lola

The next update will feature an updated Mara with a new quest and brand new rewards!

This game runs best on the newgrounds flash player get it here!


Autosave will not work if you try to play in incognito mode so make sure you copy your password.

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Hello creator, I have been facing some problems with this particular game and I was wondering if you could help me out! At the very beginning of the game, when I press the arrow to go to the front entrance: I am not able to click anything on the map afterwards, I can click the menu, character profile, anything other than characters on the map or the arrows to navigate. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one facing these problems, so I kindly request some assistance. Thank you!

Edit: Okay, I see! Thank you very much, I'll give it a shot!

Edit 2: I've try to suggested method but the game still dies on my end when I get to the entrance. Thank you very much for providing a possible solution though, if there is any other ways I can get the game to work, please let me know! Anyways, I should probably go touch some grass, have a wonderful day or night! 😀

CuddlePitGames responds:

If you are using the downloadable version try moving the .exe on to your desktop, if you are using the newgrounds player try moving it out of the downloads folder and on to the desktop. If that doesn't work feel free to send us a PM.

Guys there a lot of more content than you think and discovered
I have discovered 10 sex scenes so far.
How to get them? and how to get another quest lines?
First of all, to get them you need to kill "rare girl", but how to kill them?
It is easy you need to kill girls in spesific area and wait until spawn golden one, more you kill the higher chances of spawning "rare girl" After you killing girl in one of them in the area, you can get new quest or new scene. Out there 3 questlines inculding questline with Camo so far, and 10 scences with them. If u need help with it you can message me, I help out when im online. So free to ask questions I will be waiting.

I preferred v0.11 but this was fun too. Also, please don't listen to the other person that suggested replacing "the generic anon in the sex scenes with the main character." One of my favorite parts of v0.11 is that the character you play does not have an identity so you really get to insert yourself into the story.

I need a walkthrough...what should i do after camo and ellie?

This is a really fucking good game. Best played on the itch.io version, though.

-Lots of content

-Bit Grindy
The game gets very, very grindy if you're not playing the patreon version.
-Simple Combat
There's really no reason to use anything other than your Melee in most situations.
There's no real challenge past the wolf.
-Pixelated Images
Some of the figurines are rather low quality.
-Long Load Times
Took twenty minutes to load. Download this on itch.io to not lose your sanity.
-Confusing, lots of random guessing
There's no in-game guide.

The game contains nine* figurines, one for each of the nine rooms where enemies can spawn. (Outside-South; Outside-North; Forest-Entrance; Forest-Door; Forest-MetalSlab; Forest-MetalX; Rocky Forest; Outside of the Cave; The Cave). Defeat enemies until a gold silhouette appears. Defeat the silhouette to get the figurine. Don't leave the room if a gold one appears, it'll disappear. Don't defeat any other silhouettes, it'll disappear.

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4.42 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2021
9:53 PM EST
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