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Spiderman and Elsa

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The story of a love that changed the world... of youtube guidelines.

I don't know why we did this but we've wanted to for a long time

"Demented duet"

I'd rather have ice than diamonds

I'd rather have web than silk

Even when ill

with all of my will

I will be true

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I have to say this one was an amazing project with a style all on its own, So as I start out my reviewing day I never really expect too much or much of a suprise from the portal, But I was happy to see that your submision had something different to offer, with lots of suprises, So that was a plus. you have Earned my respct on this one, nothing was overused this was like a Grand Attempt that you have Executed very well, I am thinking Overall this was pretty good even the Momentum was at a good pace and keeps one interested in the content.



spider man and elsa videos die

Amazing! I would love to see more like this.

top 10 saddest moments in youtube history