Miss.Dynamite XI

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Ok, don't complain it's not long enough, please! Or I'll start drawing stick figures ^_^

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Very cute

Well these never get old and there's just so much funn in each scene from one to the next and you made it work well with all the action even the boob moment I do wish these were longer that's my only advice on this and future ones much longer ofcourse

Make this longer


It was great to see Blackie's boobs move like that. She's hot, okay! Eva, not so much. I loved the bit about them not stealing the car. It does make me question the morals of murderers. Okay, they're assassins.

Do they think stealing is morally wrong? I mean, they've already killed people. The animation was great here. Oh, you're Canadian. That's why there's French subtitles.

Just popsticking it down the street, bouncing on, buying some ammo... just another day in whatever strange land it is they live in! XD So refreshingly everyday kind of random, and those guys in the car: they really didn't stand a chance at all! The PS2 seems pretty harmless though, wonder how that'll go...

Oh, and cool effects with the voices on button hover-over's. A fun touch.


the 5 is pretty much for the song for the pogo sticks and art not being suck after so long... that and it is still pretty funny

I Love These Of Cartoons.