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Author Comments

Since Adobe Flash is dying , I decided to make this game on Construct 2 sadly in July Construct 2 will be retired :"-(

I forgot to add the music , will do in next game , you will see ;-)

btw this is not crap trust me

I'll improve next time , you will see in future >:]

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I agree that this is not a complete game. But assuming it was intended as a "hello world": it loads, it runs, so that's a success. The sprites are there and they're okay.

Why are you worried about Construct 2 retiring? You don't want to use Construct 3?

I think you misunderstood the comment from Mike-Drujj, perhaps he is available to make the music for your next game.

Like str said, if you want to make another similar game: give us a goal.

Good luck on your next one!

This is..... eh????

All you really do is shoot cannon balls, that’s it. No audio (not even sound effects), no medals, and no level progression after you hit the crates. It would’ve been nice if it had a menu and there were actually levels in the game. There could also be a multiplayer option where we’d get to play against a computer on a cannonball war (I don’t know shit about coding, but I believe making it so that you could play online with actual players would probably seem impossible, so I prefer adding the option to play against a computer since that’s easier).

Forgetting to add music is not an excuse either, as you can just edit the submission with the edit button (the pencil icon), add music to the game, export the file, and then replace the previous file with the new one. Tada, easy as that.

Overall a bland game that could’ve been much better if you just spent more time and care on this game. Hopefully you can keep this in mind for your future games.


you need some music for the next game?

kruno5gaming responds:

yeah , i'll find music that is free to use in my project + i'm not going to steal favourite music for games that were heard in radio

Not bad for a first game. It's basic

kruno5gaming responds:

It's first game but in Construct 2 (not in Flash)

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