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Camp Fe 2021 (Download in links)

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(DOWNLOAD links at the bottom)

Hey its nice to see you here again! Here is the latest update of Camp Fe. Now... I understand a lot of flash projects will be unable to be played at this point but I am now going to provide a downloadable link for those who want to play the games on their own computer using local flashplayers.

THERE are still a ton of problems with the game I have not fixed and its still in dev but its a long time passion project so eventually everything will get done!

(I understand there are ways to bypass paywalls I've put up this way but please know that I'm not actually that successful a game dev and only do it if you really can't afford to donate.)

This game is much more fixed up since the last update so I hope you play if you have in the past.

Please feel free to donate! Im making a remake coming out for this that won't require flash so if you like adult games on the web then it would be a huge support. It has come a long way!


Patreon Links


Download Link for those who can't play flash on their current browser


There are multiple ways you can run a swf file on your computer, try looking for a suitable flash player online! There is a basic flash player I have on my public patreon provided by the flash comunity.

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hey i have played this games so much and i like that idle of go of flash so many game are on it still and the difference of the two i can't wait to play the new update and can't wait to see how it is when it go off of flash


Keep on going!

Im at day 93 now, still any content left?

There's a glitch during women's sex scenes where the sound effect will keep looping after the scene is done. Also, shouldn't the futa animation be available regardless of gender?

You also get softlocked after completing megan's route, and theres no save feature.