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Imagine you're a game developper in summer but nobody really knows that you're a game developer in summer and you're bored in summer so you decide to make in 2 hours a game in summer, but guess what nobody cared in summer!

Now some months later, you realize that this game is kinda fun so you upgrade it a lil bit, give it a title menu and voilà!

So technically speaking you're playing BoogiedownDX but since I've never really uploaded BoogieDown OG here or anywhere in general, let's just say that this is the BoogieDown.

And before you mention me, yes I know that when Boogie moves to the left or the right a grey hitbox appears! I tried to fix it many times but it just won't go! I guess this is a part of her moveset if she was in Smash! If anything be happy that it makes your gameplay easier haha

(The game was originally set as an .exe game which is why there is a "quit" button and other stuff)


PS: If you're an hardcore fan of BoogieDown and need to play the music version, go over at my Gamejolt who have the game with a music from YMCK a chiptune group!

(And for obvious reasons I didn't put it here to not get I don't know... removed?)

PS but cooler: Check this fanart by @scraftycraft on twitter!


and this awesome one by @Fake_PatrykZX on twitter as well!!


and finally since you've made it this far, did you knew that you can move Boogie on the title screen?

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i made this

endeneka responds:

sorry i stole your game without permission 😔😔😔

i mean u made it in 2 hours so i guess but also its not very good the idle art is not transparent and you can get the ball stuck in between the character and a wall

endeneka responds:

True true and true!!
1. I made it in two hours out of boredom without tutorial which was very big for me cause before i either made pong clones or used people "base games" and add my sprites in it but yeah it's still an atari breakout clone
2. The idle art IS supposed to be transparent since I set up that black should be the transparent color which worked for the running sprites BUT for some reason Clickteam deciced to not do that for the idle art and I really tried everything and even remade the sprite complety but yeah no use Clickteam is just stubborn (No wonder everyones thats used it change to another game engine!)
3. I have no explanation for that, I derserve that complaint!
Thanks for the comment!

A simple game, but not very innovating or too fun. It's very broken in most parts as well, and at least from what I played, you can't even win. So ultimately it's not a very well made game. I will admit though, the style of the art and animations - even though they don't show much - are very pleasing to look at, so I hope you can build upon your game making skills to create something very enjoyable.

endeneka responds:

Hello Joemo,
First of all thank you for the reply!And guess what?I totally agree with you!

Like I said, the game was meant to be never published to the masses and certainly not made for a website. In fact the original BoogieDown had no title screen, and it just started the 60 seconds thing and when it was done it closed down itself. BoogieDown was just supposed to be something you open to play with, and was not intented to be seen as an actual game. But I thought just for archive values, that I'll put it in my Newgrounds page,just for the giggles.

BoogieDown is definitely not my proudest work, nor the most complicated but at least it managed to keep me busy during the boring 2020 that was mine.

I'll try tho,to make a sequel that will fix all the errors that BoogieDow has and will try to make the gameplay definitely more fun! (Will be very diificult to execute that last one, since while I have Clickteam Paid version and can make complex games with it, the only way that I've found to port BoogieDown to Newgrounds was to download the free version of Clickteam which gives me the opportunity to port in HTML BUT since it's the free version, I can ONLY have 3 events [3 differents types of screen like for example having a title screen,a specific gameplay and an ending] and that's it! Which means that if BoogieDown 2 does happens to be made in Clickteam Free Edition, it might become some of the most technical games in that is made with it)

Thanks again for the review!