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Our Apartment Preview

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Some notes:

  • The game is 160MB, it may take a while for the initial download.
  • Note the help button (Dancing question mark) on the bottom left of the main screen (TO EXIT THIS MENU THERE IS A RED "X" AT THE TOP RIGHT SORRY IT'S TOO CLOSE TO THE FULL SCREEN BUTTON!)
  • Game defaults to MEDIUM settings, go into settings to change it to high.
  • Unless you get a crash error through your browser, just wait a bit for the game to load after the black screen/splash screen
  • This game could be performing badly for a couple reasons. WebGL only uses a single processor core so a low end CPU may perform badly, and your browser NEEDS to have GPU acceleration enabled if you're not sure enable the FPS counter in settings (the cog wheel) to see what GPU the game is using.
  • If the game refuses to load try a different browser, all browsers have different limits to memory and such.
  • This game may still have bugs it's hard to check everything, feel free to send me bugs!
  • If you can't get it to work at all consider downloading the Desktop or Mobile version on itch.io! Performance overall is much better there!

Our Apartment Preview is a foundation showing various gameplay functions for the final game. Unfortunately The Couch had to be put on hold some time ago due to life reasons, and Our Apartment was made from scratch in 3D (mostly solo) over the last 2 years! It's more or less the same concept as The Couch but expanded thanks to the benefits of 3D!

On top of this, Our Apartment is probably one of the most high quality 3D Hentai games you can play on a browser!

It's thanks to the support of people on Itch, SubscribeStar and Patreon the game has come this far! And just recently it's got a page on steam so please add the game to your wishlist!

While this isn't a "Demo" it doesn't represent the final form the game will take, and that version will likely be too large, and too complicated for WebGL, so please follow/wishlist on the other sites. But don't worry more WebGL content is coming in due time, as I have projects planed stemming from this games foundation.

Thanks for playing and your support!


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There are some collisions problems, where they pass over each other. But overall it is very well made.

Holy sh!t this is incredible. The graphics are outstanding, and the attention to detail (like different pieces of clothing being half-way taken off differently depending on the clothing) is high. The different facial expressions and eye control are really natural and give you free room to make great screenshots if you want. The interactive scenes are hot too of course, and the VO good when it's present. Even in this incomplete state it's 10/10 and would be worth spending money on. Can't wait for the full version.

It's weird how none of the bras are actually bras though, they're all onepiece bodysuits. I hope some actual bras get added. And some actual pants. There's even a toggle button for pants but as far as I can tell it doesn't do anything.
I think the stockings/leggings that are currently under the body category should be added to the sock category, as well as the black socks that she puts on when you pick some of the premade outfits.
One thing I'd like to see is some indication or warning if adding one piece of clothing will remove another, like how some tops remove the "bra" (bodysuit) but others don't, and some underwear remove the "bra" also.

Camera control is great if oversensitive, and a y-axis inversion would be great (so moving the mouse up makes the camera move down). Biggest problem with it is that I don't think there's a way to recenter your view, and since the toggle buttons are at the top-right then the camera can get way out of position.

The only real glitch I encountered was during one of the interactive sex scenes, the first-person view toggle made the camera clip through the bedframe and stare out through the wall.

also I'm really hoping @Vertice meant SANTA and not satan. lol

momoirosoft responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah I add content in large batches, lets me focus on whats needed I added an outfit with a onepiece, so at the time it's easier to make variants of the one piece. I'll add bras soon, and when I do there will be a ton :P. Same issue with pants, part of the reason I didn't make pants yet is the "state of undress" feature is relatively new and before if i made pants they'd basically just be removed immediately so it wasn't a good use of time. So expect that in due time too.

Some socks are in the body category cause they function a bit different, socks in the body category can't be removed during a scene. Anything that affects the body model will be like this.

I'll maybe try adding the respective "layers" the clothing item has on the item button, that may help with determining what removes what. I don't know if I can do a warning effectively, but we'll see.

And yeah camera is due for a revamp.

Glad you enjoyed the game!

Very good, some sets are not complete, like satan. But 10/10

momoirosoft responds:

Ah yeah like satan material items? I could add more of those, if there's a particular set feel free to message me.

Glad you enjoyed it!

minor details that could be changed, like the progression button to the right of the dialogue box (in certain lightings it's almost impossible to see), the setting menu is almost unusable and weirdly pathed when zooming in and out of it, and the physics for the vagina during the dildo scene reminds me of sludge. Other than those, it's a beauty. 360 camera is something I have personally never seen ever in these types of games, allowing for me to play around with angles and make posing even better. Thanks for this.

momoirosoft responds:

Yeah I do want to redo that a bit, but I plan to hire a UI person soon once more things are finalized. And yeah UI scale slider was a last minute reimplementation, will be improved in due time.

Do you mean the SFX for the dildo scene? Not sure what you mean there.

And glad you enjoy the camera, the idea was to have the option to play it like a video, or have control, cause sometimes getting good angles on ever changing scenarios is difficult.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Piece of art. No doubt.

momoirosoft responds:

Appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed it!

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2020
9:56 PM EST
  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • Unity
  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Painter
Misc. Kit
  • Marvelous Designer