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SNEK: The Game

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Longest Duration
1. Conehorse 01:40:58.00
2. jograhu 01:40:55.00
3. WilliamBrasil8 01:40:32.00
4. LostHeroSoul 01:40:31.00
5. CottonGoof 01:40:28.00
6. he11jumper12345 01:40:25.00
7. superboy2 01:40:18.00
8. TariDaFrog 01:40:17.00
9. jansmt7 01:40:17.00
10. dominosgangster 01:40:05.00
11. Awesomeyoulol 01:40:04.00
12. nouvelAn 01:40:03.00
13. Squilibrato 01:40:03.00
14. justKnight 01:40:03.00
15. karee64 01:40:02.00
16. diby08 01:40:02.00
17. Pizzatime28 01:40:02.00
18. PIainText 01:40:02.00
19. CoolPixel2401 01:40:01.00
20. Anne-J 01:40:01.00

Author Comments

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WOW!! Thanks for the front page Tom!! :D

Download the Android app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aprimegaming.snek and you'll get a medal!

Brek the Snek has just become a teenager and is on a massive growth spirt, luckily the local Witch has laid her potions and cauldrons throughout.

Help Brek the Snek break by collecting the potions and cauldrons to prolong his awful life.

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Are you ready to brek the snek?

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Pls no steppy -snek

i cant start the game

Aprime responds:

dont use IE


Aprime responds:

glad you enjoy it :)


Aprime responds:


This is just snake with random length and speed.

Aprime responds:

Ummm, sure.