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I am grateful that you were able to wait for my little creation. I want to truly thank two guys - Eastly and OVERTRY for helping me with SFX, and thumbnail artwork. I'm very glad I can release the project and bring my old dream to life, as well as my friends who have supported me all the time during the production.

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Wonderful. I just used the assets of jsoull. It was great that there were many variations on the enemy. All the sprite details are amazing and cool. It was surprising that ArMaGe was the last to be killed.


Clean look and crisp sound, very nice.

Nice work, i like it.

This is really good, everything is good, except the action couldn't be more one sided. People there walking around randomly looks off and unnatural, and combat is if not boring, just plain. If the whole thing was like the scene at 4:06, this would be a flawless masterpiece. Effects and gore is mega, sfx couldn't be better and soundtrack is a banger, but the wasted potential just leaves a sour aftertaste.

I like it nevertheless :P