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A new year with new classmates, so let's meet the crew! From here on out, the grind truly begins, and romance is in the air...

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umm credit due but shouldn't meeting people be enticing maybe no pressure just saying public school's are a nightmare for people but yeah nice comic animation slideshow maybe no idea but yeah snobs are the worst.

Since I went through quite a few courses I have to agree

I guess i should consider this for the future...

Aaaah yes the good old days. Looks like you had a blast with the "annoying people" thing mate, i envy that. If you want me to write a whole essay about this you just give the word cuz' i have TONS of stuff to say about this whole school life thing ;D

Man covid really fucked with my uni experience, first half of first year was like this and was great, then boom everyone stay home no social interaction no making friends no in person classes for the next year and possible the next. 20k a year for this. fuck my life.

Great ep!

Raziberry responds:

Thanks! I'm sorry about your year :(