Shiliu's Magnetic Love (RELEASED)

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This is the last exclusive content release of the year! 2020 was a pain, but Im happy you could still enjoy my content! ❤️


Shiliu's VA


Xingren's VA


Sound Design




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Man’s got an iron dick, or else it wouldn’t be magnetized. Wish I had one of those:(

He is so aggressive

You see, each Diives character has some sort of special ability that separates them from the rest. In Shiliu's case, she has magnetization. it causes stimulation in the penis, causing it to ejaculate. Xingren wanted to fuck, but also didn't want to be late for the game, which I don't know what that is. When he thought he had enough, Shiliu's powers pulled the dick back in whilst stimulating it, causing him to ejaculate in her. Anyways, this was a great video!

blue ass