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IndestructoTank! GB

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A Flash classic - now in 4 Colors!

In 2007 I released a simple Flash game series that went on to have well over 50 million downloads and destroyed productivity in countless school classrooms.

Now that Adobe have decided to pull the plug on Flash, I discovered after much market research that the kids of today are more interested in mobile gaming... So I decided to port the game to a more viable platform - the original GameBoy!

Faithful to the original

This isn't however a cut down version - everything from the original is present - fast action, fun physics and tonnes of on screen ships. Also included is the Boom-Bar, a feature added to 'Indestruc2Tank!' to make the game feel even better.

Finally on console...kinda!

Playable via emulator in the web browser, but also on real GameBoy hardware!

Get the ROM / Sourcecode on itch.io. here

The ROM file can be put onto a flash cartridge (how ironic!) or programmed to an empty cart and runs perfectly on Gameboy and Gameboy Advance!

If this does well I also plan on doing a limited run of original boxed cartridges produced for collectors of homebrew.

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5/5 cause it can be played on irl gameboys

haha tank go boom

a very fun game 9/10

This can be counted as a service to the community in case you ever end up in prison.
Not that there would be any reason for you to end up in prison but you know, just in case.

this is very fun and my first run i got 4:32