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Emily's Excellence.

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Took a While to make (mainly because of rendering)

The Emily model isn't the BEST in the world but its pretty good for sexy sex.

i put physics on 90% of the animations but the positions could say otherwise.

This would be my third or second attempt at Missionary Based Sex Positions i think i did pretty well.

im starting to realize that most of my commentary is just excuses to see if anyone would notice.

Welp Extended Version on my patreon <-- Be sure to check that out.

oh and i plan on releasing a christmas special but its gonna be late. so....

Stay Lewd.

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The animation is good, but you need to improve your camara angles.

MsLewd responds:



MsLewd responds:


To be honest I think this great animation was ruined by a fog effect that makes it so hard to watch. It's like they are in a sand storm. The animations were good, the penetrations were clear, nice physics, hot angles. But ruined by a fog filter. Really don't know how that even came about as an idea.
Other than that, like the previous person said it's a bit annoying to have scenes switch so quickly. And I'll also add to it that, that "unfocused" effect you add only makes things worse, this ain't art, we want to see what we watch.

Nice threeway๐Ÿ’ช

First the good then the meh, the character design and general animation is good, I like the proportions and I like that the bounce of the breasts and ass etc. are not over exaggerated like some people do. the scenes, positions and angles are sexy and thought through.
as for what I'm not fond of, turn down the saturation, add some contrast so your work can be properly seen. I can't watch this without a headache because it's too bright and white. Your scene transitions could use some polishing and ease up on the jump cuts back and forth, let one loop for a while, go to the next, it's easier to appreciate your hard work and effort that way.