Die Rosie Die!

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Rosie O'Donell meets Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction.


Good, but could've been better.

Mostly I commend you for your effort in the visuals department. Most rely on their pathetic ability to draw sticks and circles, but you've clearly put forth the effort to make these characters actually LOOK like their real-life counterparts. The movie itself was a bit dull, though. What the hell was with the "tongue pizza" scene? The lip-synching could use a lot of work, and the last scene where she gets her head blown off wasn't too satisfying. I dunno. Maybe it's because I've never seen Pulp Fiction, but this wasn't quite what I was expecting. It was fun to watch though, because I hate that bitch Rosie...this has to be one of the only movies in Newgrounds to target her. Good job overall!

The evil witch dies yippy

that was cool....do it again...kill the evil witch hahahahahhahahahah...cool


well...the drawing was ok...it was well animated, the way the blood spilled and all...not bad sound, the end theme sounded kinda cool...i think

Sugar pie honey bunch!

I do believe we have a winner here! It's a pretty good movie in alot of ways.

Take Dat You Cow!

I like dis entry a lot! I hate that fat bitch Rosie! Frickin' hypocrite! Next time, adopt a diet plan, you lardazz!:(

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3.19 / 5.00

May 8, 2000
10:40 AM EDT
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