Die Rosie Die!

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Rosie O'Donell meets Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction.


Surprisingly good

The concept was relatively simple, those two guys just go and kill Rosie. You pulled it off very well though. The voices were perfect (since those WERE the actual voices), and although the lip sync wasn't perfect, you at least had the mouths move, which in itself is great. The graphics of the flash were also great, which the people loking realistic enough. The flash could've went longer though, since she got shot relatively quickly. Also, it just freezes up for a awhile after she gets shot, which I didn't like. This was a great flash for when it was made though.

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I so totally saw the smilie in that bloodstain. You can't fool me!!!

Great idea

I love pulp fiction and thats where you get most of the score from me.
the gunshot did'nt look realistic.
you got the sounds from a sound board I could tell.

((( HAHA )))

Haha notbad, it does loop though, so maybe add a stop action code aswell as propper buttons and whatnot, the characters were great but not much animation from them, still funny though, just needs abit more work on animating....


Some fat woman gets shot basically, that sucked

The start to this was just gross, some fat lady licking a pizza WTF? Then Vicent and Jules from Pulp Fiction turn up and shoot her through the head, it wasn't an entertaining movie at all. The sound was a bit dodgy, it didn't make a good viewing experience.

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3.19 / 5.00

May 8, 2000
10:40 AM EDT
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