Rez High

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I grew up on the Colville Indian Reservation and had the pleasure of getting to know alot of cool American Indians. This is a project for a friend who teaches at an Indian School and he wanted it to be funny and educational.
Surely you guys wouldn't be so cold as to blam such fine people.
Just kidding. Let er rip if you feel you must. I'm a big boy, I can take it.


Strangly I liked it

The graphics wern't so great but I liked the rest of it. The jokes and voice's make it good. Some of the jokes were drawn out just a little more than it should've but good!

Gotta love the natives.

I loved that Flash. It made me laugh. It reminded me of this show on the Spanish Network, where theres these adult Mexicans in a school enviroment, and all they were doing is jokin' and partying. Here, it's in English, and There's Natives! I can't argue with that Formula. Nice job.


this is some funny shit.. and the sound was good too and not off.. i looove the laugh. you should make this into a series that would be awesome cause i watch this one all the time. keep up the good work


Yah it was always good when the teacher got the last laugh on the students that thought that they could make a mockery of the class. This flash didn't seem too funny but since it was for a class I know that sometimes peoples have to keep it clean. Keep working to make your flashes better and better. Overall this was just o.k.

lol im an indian tooo!

omg i soo got the joke. i never been to a rez before (white indian as my friends call me) but my indian friends tell me a whole shit load about it omg! haha anyways nice flash. i wish people would stop with the damn drunk indian thing jesus! and "savages" excuse me for being pessimistic about whites but they're the ones that was fucking killing us for some "mild" entertainment i mean they started the whole slave trade thing cuz of their damn egos! i don't know why they would think their the supreme race or somthing hmmm anyways im done with my rant but wait (to the guy before me) i've been reading on psychology and from your uh comments on the flash and its creator im guessing your a neonazi or coming pretty close to being one....well for the artist i think you need to improve a little bit on graphics,other than that i think you did great(i wish i could animate something...)

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2.99 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2003
8:54 PM EST
Comedy - Original