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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

The Hentai Zone 4 Trailer

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A bit corny. Very raunchy. Tastes great with milk. This AV trailer shows just a small piece of what you can get if you join Ranmabooks and explore The Hentai Zone

Special thanks to @HiJenxVO @Nami955 @WubcakeNSFW and Peter D Willing for your voices!

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Ranko x Ryoga never fails... just don't pour how water on top of her during the intercourse

@VatoeK Ngl I've always wondered that, there are so many things about this I've wanted to know lol.

drawnthatwayxx responds:

Many theories out there. I answered VatoeK with mine. : )

what if he gets pregnant in his female form and then returns to normal?

drawnthatwayxx responds:

A common theory is if the egg is fertilized before he changes back, he'll be locked in female form until he's given birth. Luckily there's always hot water on hand.

No Homo But hmmmm;)

The Hentai Zone has always been one of my favorite things you guys have ever done! >w<