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Inside Mim’s Cottage (ft SLB)

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The follow up to one of my favorite personal projects and collabs with guest artist S.L.B. HUGE thanks AGAIN to the amazing ChloeAngelVA for her voice.

None of this would have been possible without the support from my glorious Patreon and Subscriberstar backers! If you want to help me make more stuff like this more often and get some rewards (like early access) in the process, please feel free to help out! Even on thin dollar gets me closer to that goal!



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great job!

That was amazing. The only way you could have made it better, was apply a Japanese ero illustrators mentality to it, & designed the bodies, aesthetically, better than the original artist did it.

S-L-B responds:

Then where's to point?

PurplemantisNSFW responds:

It wouldn't be the right fit for this particular character.

They literally wouldn't be themselves anymore.

And thus onto us, the gift of more Madam Mim lewdness has been provided. Merry Christmas Mantis and SLB.

Can you imagine whoever did her character, to be alive today and see what became of their character? Honestly i'd take much pride in it .... But apart from that, this was REALLY good holy, and it's a follow up on a Flash video years ago? That's amazing.

Easy 5 / 5. Please do more of these, specifically on this character. She's so unique.

For a witch you surely are the best in sex