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Are We Friends?

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Coke meets a new friend and they both decide to kidnap and murder a snowman...

Animated by

Aluis Santiago

Alex Yanque-Monge


Chris Frewerd

Isaiah Ortiz

Justin Herrera

Voice Actors


Isaiah Ortiz

Juju O.

Jackson Taylor

Matty C.


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Man I gotta be honest, I can't name a single thing about this cartoon that isnt completely awkward to me. The writing, poses, voice acting, music selection, animation consistency -- everything about this is so disconnected imo

Cokenutz responds:

Thanks for the honest review but the only part of the review that confuses me is everything being disconnected. Can you elaborate?

Fuck Clarence, Fuck Craig of the Creek. I think these are the real adventures kids wants to go on. This reminds me when I was a kid watching those Nestea Cool commercials on TV, I just wanted to KILL THAT FUCKING SNOWMAN. I really like your style here man, you make some really cool expressions. Though your character posing can be much stronger, I think you can push them into something way more fun. Would love to work you with you on your next animation.

Now if you excuse me, I have to drive 200mph on the highway listening to Mac Demarco. Just need to get away from it all, you know?

Contrary to the other guy I like the slow pacing. Some of the drawings could benefit from being tightened up a bit, and adding more acting poses for the long drawn-out lines of dialogue would help sell their delivery, but other than that pretty charming!

What's the song at 5:30?

Cokenutz responds:

The song is.. Talkshow Boy - I'm Not A Tortured Poet (I'm Too Fucking Predictable) https://youtu.be/68d6BjTMkdQ

Hey, was really well made and I can see all the effort you put in with the animation, but yer timing is completely off. Tighten up the scenes, less dead air with responses, and it will help immensely. Otherwise, your expressions were great~ But theres at least 2 minutes of excess.

A lot of times, you don't necessarily need the most highly professional details and/or software to make a short animation that's full of life and genuine humor and this web animation proves it through and through from beginning to end.

The ending really got to me big time tho.