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Quickie in the Mall

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Buy this game (the sex scenes) on my Gumroad page!

Support me on Patreon for future stuff!


This is kind of a mini game i made to promote my Patreon and my soon to be working Gumroad page. From the begining of next year, i'll make all past rewards available for sale only on Gumroad, so go become a patron and get them all while there is time! New rewards are going to be available on Patreon normally.

This game depicts two scenes of Isabella, the girl from my game Cute Neighbour, but altered: this time she's blonde and wears a Christmas outfit. This is to show that i make alt versions of the sex scenes in my games, and this is not the only one. $10 patrons can also access goth, cheerleader and student Isabella, as well as change her hair and eyes colour.

Also, both of the sex scenes on this game will have their extended versions available on Patreon, most likely tomorrow.

So yeah, that's it i guess. Hope you like it!

~This game has absolutely nothing to do with real life and if you try to imitate it you're dumb.

Update: I enabled quality control. If the wackamole is glitchy, set it to low or medium.

Update 2: Okay, now it's 400 points to get the bunny. I swear in my computer 500 was very achievable, but okay lol...

Update 9(12/28): i removed some graphic that was requiring too much processing, in order for the minigame to function properly. I hope this fixes the minigame glitches for everyone.


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Another good game I like a lot, though I got to the sex part and couldn't find a finish button did I miss it, or is there not one?

Edeshye responds:

There is no finish button in the free version. There is a payed version on Gumroad with finish button for both parts ;)

My fireplace is gonna be burning when Santa Claus comes down my chimney this year.

nice game, animation, and enjoyable minigame. Also, music is so damn relaxing 😄

it's just pressing try again 30 times back to back with a you suck screen until you manage to get a game where it's not a literal 20 seconds passing by without a single santa popping up, with faster than reactable teleporting moles and a janky snap to location hammer that 1/3rd of the time doesn't even register clicks.
besides that, it's just the bland old vadimgod meet n' fuck style dialogue choices.

neat animations though, I guess?

Edeshye responds:

I'm glad you liked the animations, and i'm sorry the game ended up so glitched. It was working just fine in my pc, but i got a lot of complains about it when i uploaded it. I tried making it easier but apparently i couldn't do it. I ended up leaving it as is because i thought no one would play it anyway due to browsers giving up flash and all. If you'd like to download the sex scenes only, you can find it on Gumroad for 4 bucks! Thanks a lot for the review!

and again he makes anouther great game this guys going places