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The Grand Little Gift

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Hey yo you never seen I pulled it check it out I posted it to Mr. Krabs because it’s five nights at Freddy 3 ok you are very confused and this boy or post news it’s just OK OK people sometimes you’re rude but you are awesome OK

Now this was just beautiful. :')

Simple rhyme style had me expecting the final line a few lines early, but such feels with how it ends. 2020 must've really been a bummer slate for an ample flat calendar to bring forth such a surge of emotion, or you really built the mood so well...

I'm surprised the little bits of comedy don't sidetrack you either. The PS5 burning, that one present with the flapping note, cheap wine comment and all - so many little things that make it all feel so polished - yet they don't change the mood at all.

What a gift! Best Christmas animation of the year here. Wasn't expecting it. Positively surprised. Cracked both a tear and smile and feel ready to take on life now with all its wondrous plight.

Merry Christmas man. And thanks for this one.


Stop! Stop it right now! You're not allowed to make me think this is cute... it's a gift... I.. I come here for A Rated content and you're making me emotional and stuff.

Good piece. It drew me in immediately and was short, but had a decent amount of range for such a short quality piece. And you didn't try too hard. And the graphics are very professional. I still feel so bad for that little gift's sadness when she was sad. I mean no... I feel nothing... You can't make me Feel. You can't do it!

*looks around*

Is anyone looking?


I'll just close the door.

(so far this is my favorite of the monthly voting, but I'm only just starting to look through)

edit: I voted it #1 in my monthly vote. Scalpers and To Catch A Pacman just fell short of your beautiful animation.

Nice Little Story! Happy Holidays!

this is very nice