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Richtofen For President

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It’s the 2020 presidential election and Dr. Edward Richtofen is interested and wants to run himself. However he may be wary, as quite few of his opponents may have a few tricks up their sleeves...

Is Richtofen “American” enough to win the presidential race? Find out in this animation,”Richtofen for President.”

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The audio in this video is taken from Comic Con 2015 before BO3’s release. There, the original crew’s voice actors were there doing impressions of them. I actually got the idea to animate this from an animatic by someone else, and was inspired to create my own fully animated version with full color. When making it I tried to attempt a more cartoony parodic feel to the animation, though it actually took a while for me to make.

I spent months on and off working on it and decided to finish the job in early November. Honestly, I’m pretty satisfied with the end result. Anyways if you liked it feel free to check out my other content and YouTube channel. In fact this is a repost of the original that was uploaded to my YouTube, where most of my content is made first. But anyways, best luck to you all and see you all next time!

My YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCdDUZSoXPbEUQlCrPP31KZw

Comic Con 2015: https://youtu.be/9JTQd6Jwk3o

Check out the channel of this video’s inspiration:https://youtube.com/c/gardensAnxioushasstartedPesteringyou

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