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WaifusAdventure_0.2c (Adventure Time Hentai Parody)

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*Highly recommended to use the downloadable version to play this game with PC.*

Merry Christmas everyone!

I spent a few months learning to make RPG games.

And now, I finally reached a stage where I felt I could make it public.

Enjoy it everyone, hope you can like it!

Waifus Adventure is a fan-based parody.

Based on Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward.

Nemu the Tentacle Monster is not associated with these legal entities in any way.

Please support the official release.

Control -

Arrow Keys : Moving

Z : Check (Keep pressing Z can faster the text running.)

X : Cancel

Shift : Run / Walk (Mode can be changed in the option.)

In Battle -

Keep pressing Z/X can make the battle speed more fast.

Press once Shift can switch the battle speed mode.

This game is my first parody game making.

If you find any bugs, any thoughts or just want to give me a thumb.(I mean thumb up, don't give me your thumb plz.)

please let me know, I will be very happy!

If you like my work and would like to support me.

You can follow me on.

Twitter Newgrounds Pixiv Subscribestar

And if you are the one who want to know how to get the OP weapon,

here is what you want. 0117

*2020/12/19 0.2b

Fixed some map glitched.

Fixed some text.

Cave become more friendly now.

Change some map texture.

Marceline has come home.

OP Gloves is more powerful now.

*2020/12/24 0.2c

"I was planning to do more content before updating it.

However, there are many bugs that affect the flow of the game.

Plus many people gave me feedback on the game.

Well, Waifus Adventure 0.2c is coming!"

Fixed Marceline's photo bug.

Fixed some bug.

Fixed some text.

Open the candy street.

Add some candy citizen.

Add BMO. (Items are not yet useful)

Add Quest System.

Add Battle SpeedUp System.

You can also download the game from Subscribestar.

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How do I get out of marcalines house, or just make her appear at all

NemuSothoth responds:

Check the photos on the table on the second floor.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2020
12:00 PM EST
  • RPG Maker MV