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"Short Circuit" by WorldofFood

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"Short Circuit" by WorldofFood apart of the album "The Clocktower" (2014)

Animated by me

Production started December 11th 2020 completed December 15th 2020.

I sang in this many years ago, I didn't want to go through the effort of re doing my lyrics because I'm not a good audio editor. So here you can here me sing terribly. That aside fun video to make, took me back to when I was writing the lyrics to the song in 2014. Listening to the W.I.P Clocktower album before work in the very early 4am cold winter mornings. I wrote the original script sometime June or August 2020, there are a bunch of differences but still had the same general idea. This was one of the few videos I could not stop working on until it was done hence the speed I made it at.

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