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Ollie and Scoops: Baby It's COVID Time (2020)

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Happy Holidays! It's Ollie & Scoops' 2nd annual Xmas Song! For this year 2020, here is "Baby It's COVID Time", sung by Brunk and Merle.


Rich Evans as Merle

Mike Stoklasa as Brunk

Cover Art by:

Natasha Weir

Written and Directed by:

Nico Colaleo

Download your own copy of this song (and other Ollie & Scoops songs) on Bandcamp!


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funny song. I like Brunk. Me likey

This was honestly great. Very charming. I love the bit of banter right near the end. Really feels like everyone involved in the production on this is having a really great time with it.

Keep at it,

Super cool song It has a Christmassy feel to it!

Who knew Merle was in antifa anyhoo happy holidays everyone

Even for a submission with a single image, this was a delight. And that's pretty hard to accomplish. I legit loved the voice actors/singers in this. I hope both Rich and Mike get to be in more projects! Also a big lover of jazz music, so that helps. If this ever becomes animated, let me know through message, because I would love to see it! :)