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Triskelion is a complex 2 player strategy game, with a unique concept where your move directly affects the moves available to you opponent. AI computer opponents are available and you can even make the computer play itself!

Full instructions in game.

Note on game development: v2 will offer the choice of placing the "blank" squares randomly or in one of two fixed arrangements. Also the blank squares can either be blockades as currently or "wild" squares permitting free movement.

v3 will be a big step forward offering the "fog of war version" of the game where the board starts off blank and you only reveal the arrows on each square when you first move to them.

v4 is another big leap where the board starts off empty and you have to draw the arrow squares randomly and place them on the board. This version may never come as I don't know how to implement the AI! I might need to study proper machine learning first...

Please comment with other suggested features. I don't think online play is on the cards, I'm afraid.

Triskelion is a digital implementation of the old board game Trippples. Read more about it at my blog: https://dreamsofgerontius.com/2017/09/12/trippples-strategy-and-combinatorial-mathematics/

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really brain wracking, but also really cool.

very good game!

This is pretty good!
Though It would be nice for AI for single player, But this is a really interesting and neat game!

Gerontius responds:

Thanks but confused. There *is* AI for single player. You set one player as Human and the other as AI.