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Rusty Wind Blows

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Rusty wind blows combines a clicker game with a shooter

Use power to both maintain your engine and reload your musket.

You will get there, whatever it takes.


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Loved it, but moving using explicitly your musket, and having no reason to really keep watch on anything made it a bit less of an issue. The enemies, didn't make much sense.

I myself couldn't beat it just yet, not much time on my hands rn, but it was interesting. I'd love to see more things like this.


Feels like it drags on a lot longer than it needed to. I'd gotten the basic rhythm down by about section 2 and there wasn't really any need for the game to go on past that.

I never really felt much of a struggle to manage everything, there's never a sense of urgency. You have plenty of time to dodge out the way, I got hit once throughout the entire game.

The stormy sections of map never really had any impact, if that's what the map up top is indeed indicating. I never had to change my approach to deal with them nor could they be avoided.

The HUD as a nice look to it and the more abstract artstyle works well enough given it's consideration to the atmosphere but it certainly feels like it was done more so out of ease than anything else. The killer shooting bats feel more like a placeholder enemy with how out of place they are compared to the rest of the tone of the game.

I can't help but feel the story would have been better were the reason we are going to the island not given away at the start. Like, as is, we start having to burry a body, and it ends when we burry the body, ergo nothings changed. Were it more ambiguous there might have at least been some intrigue and payoff. Perhaps if we had an extra task, say to keep the body on the boat (except it's not clear that it's a body, kept wrapped up perhaps), then that would raise the question of what we're doing through gameplay alone.

this is the best game ever for me because its so underrated but good and it run smoothly

perfect game.